05 August 2009

Surprise: Concealed Weapons Permits Through the Roof

Having the Democrats in power again has certainly provided some much needed economic stimulus for one industry: firearms. And it didn't even require a billion dollar program that went broke after 5 days. From USA Today:

Interest groups on both sides agree that demand for permits is up because of economic uncertainty and concerns about a new president and a Democrat-controlled Congress.

"People pay attention to politics. … They're afraid of another effort" to try to enact more gun control, says Andrew Arulanandam, spokesman for the National Rifle Association. "Part of the concern is spurred by the economic downturn and fear that crime will go up."
Since violent crime has been dropping despite the economy going kaputz, I'd say that it has more to do with the traditional fears that the Democrats are coming for your guns (a characterization that lives on from the Clinton years). Even though the 2nd Amendment has not come under fire (yet), you can never be too safe these days.


Juan Saenz said...

The local gunstores have just recently been getting any form of a "tactical" or AR weapon. Back in May no one had any tactical type weapons which pretty much meant anything at the time with a picatinny rail. A store up in Reno, NV call Scheels has this HUGE gun store on the 2nd floor. At least half is dedicated to ARs and when I went there back in December they were completely sold out of everything but bolt action rifles.

Xenocles said...

It's ammo you can't buy now... Everywhere you look up here in Kitsap is cleaned out of pistol and rifle calibers. Shotgun shells are wall-to-wall, but people aren't worried about their hunting if you know what I mean.

Nixon said...

At least it's one sector of the economy that's kickin' ass. Well, the firearms industry and Goldman Sachs.

JuniorAG said...

Am a gun Luddite, my CCW is a S&W 442 .38Spl with standard pressure ammo. The hepcats who talk about CCW-ing a double stacked wonder-9 or .40 crack me up. The big guns are as concealable as a briefcase.