20 September 2009

Big Trouble in (Little) Tourist Thailand

The title alone is a reference to the John Carpenter classic, so you know the documentary has got to be good. It takes a look at the seedy side of Thailand and how if you're a tourist here, you're going to either end up getting fleeced by the locals or in Thai prison for a 10-year stretch. Not exactly everyone's experience, but who doesn't love a little bit of sensationalism!

However, if you act like a rowdy and drunken boob, you can probably get in trouble in any country. And as for sheisty locals ripping off the throngs of rubes on holiday, remember the rule of thumb that the better English they speak, the more sketchy they are.


subrookie said...

I've always gone with the hang close to a rich Brit when traveling abroad. Not someone you know remarkably well, just well enough to get a beer with in a pub.

When he gets drunk, slowly distance yourself from him and use him as a chum. Works everytime. The first "I bought a round the world ticket" he throws out, he's toast.

Wek said...

That JJ guy has given me some ideas on how to take $ from Florida tourists.