18 September 2009

Joe's Back with a Good Rant on the GI Bill

Long ago silenced by his superiors for having a milblog that was deemed too risque (although brutally honest), Joe joins us again with some great criticism on VA healthcare and the GI Bill backlog, which seems to be a recurring theme with vets heading off to college.


Anonymous said...

I understand Joe's trouble with the VA completely. I submitted paperwork applying for VA care 3 months before I retired after 20 years in the US Navy. After retirment, it has taken me two years to straighten out misplaced forms (reapplying 3 times) and the VA losing not only my DD-214 (twice) but also my medical records (which are now incomplete after giving them two copies of everything that was in my health record).

I'm at the point where I am ready to tell the VA to go to hell and that I don't want any of their health care (which is probably what they want me to do).

Why liberals say they want a health care system as efficient as the VA is beyond my understanding for it is purely laughable.

Alex said...

Good to see Joe back, but that is a pretty dismal situation. I wish I could say "maybe it'll get straightened out soon," but, you know.

On a related topic, has anyone heard from Big Tobacco? I've sent him a few emails and he hasn't responded.

Tom Goering said...

The backlog is in fact a big issue, but I feel pretty confident the money will be forthcoming. The really big problem right now is the number of people getting SCREWED over because they signed up for the 911GIBill before they should have. If you are already using the Montgomery GI Gi Bill benefit - exhaust all 36 months before switching over - it is a little known fact that if you exhaust your MGIB benefit you then get an additional 12 months of 911GIBill (if you are otherwise eligible for it) making your entire GI Bill benefits last 48 months instead of 36.