02 September 2009

The Long-Term Obama Campaign Strategy

Don't ever question the Obama administration's ability to get new converts. The President is set to give a speech addressing America's K-12 students on September 8th, and the Department of Education has released guidelines for how teachers can solicit student participation during this "historic" and totally shameless moment (h/t Legal Insurrection). For K-6:

Students could discuss their responses to the following questions:
What do you think the President wants us to do?
Does the speech make you want to do anything?
Are we able to do what President Obama is asking of us?
What would you like to tell the President?
Great, the President has now become Dad-in-chief. Can this guy get anymore ego-maniacal? Here's the program for Grades 7-12:
Listening with a purpose: Inspiration and Challenges. Using a similar double‐column
style notes page as the one above, the teacher could focus students on quotations that either propose a specific challenge to them or inspire them in some meaningful way. Students could do this individually, in pairs or groups...Create decorated goals and steps on index card sized material. The index cards could be formatted as an inviting graphic organizer with a space for the goal at the top and several steps in the remaining space. Cards could be hung in the room to create classroom culture of goal setting, persistence and success, and for the purpose of periodic review.
Not that I was a model student or anything, but shouldn't kids be learning Algebra or reading Shakespeare instead of making hokey glitter collages of President McDreamy. At least they'll have a great future as community organizers.


Dillinger737 said...

Hitler Youth anybody?

Antoinette said...

Our youngsters are safe in parts of Georgia. No students will hear Obama's speech at school in my county. September 8 is a furlough day. Ironic, huh? And funny.

J. said...

Yes, instead of having kids listening to boring politics, we need to teach them how to use AR-15s so when the Revolution comes, they'll be prepared!

J. said...

So glad GWB didn't waste time traveling to public schools and listening to little kids prattle on...

Wek said...

In middle school I was made to sit thru Ronald and Nancy tell me to "just say no". The little bastards today should now have to suffer. MWAHAHA!

rangeragainstwar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa said...

Lt. Nixon -- where's the gripe?

That we might actually start children thinking about goals and purposes? Um...perish the thought. Let's all walk lock-stop behind the Bush bros. fiasco, NCLB. Students will be far more ready to be compliant order-takers after 12 years of that.

Do any of you people think? "Hitler Youth"? Think Bush's NCLB, not Obama.

Anonymous said...

Actually, this type of guidance from the Dept of Education for any significant event is pretty standard and has nothing to do with the President.

The intent is to encourage the kids to 'learn' from the event: towards that end, teachers are encouraged to spark a discussion amongst their students, with some follow-on activities as appropriate.

I don't understand why you would think this was somehow an ego-maniacal stunt by the President?

Bottom line: whether the event involves the President, or a trip to a farm, there are support activities like this that are intended to assist teachers in making any event a learning experience.

Wek said...

Listened to much talk radio today. My personal conclusion is those that sincerely think this is some type of liberal indoctrination are out of their fucking minds. It's just the birthers that've moved on to a new topic.

Green Eagle said...

Grow up.

Average American said...

That son-of-a-bitch makes me sicker and sicker and madder every day! And in response to this question:

What would you like to tell the President?

my answer would be:


J. said...

How long did it take the right to go from: "if you criticize the President you are a traitor" to "School children should not trust the President."

On a serious note, let's be frank, our school system really would benefit by better understanding how state and federal governments worked. It's not a sin to at least broach the topic, as anon 2:27 says.

Nixon said...

I remember the Nancy Reagan thing and I think I still have a Just Say No T-shirt around somewhere. haha. J., nice strawman but I was never a rah-rah Bush guy.

Lisa said...

Avg. American,

I am disappointed in Obama, too, but then again, I do not have faith in too many politicians. I believe "slimy" is somewhere in the job description.

OTOH, I have to say it is still early in an administration which inherited the worst national fiasco in many generations.

While it would be nice if he really could deliver change, right now I would be happy if he could just apply the brakes to the runaway situations he's inherited.

Anonymous said...

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