17 September 2009

Stranger Than Fiction: Burglar Gets Whacked with Samurai Sword

File this under the department of What the Fuck, because this real-life tale, combining elements of Revenge of the Nerds with Kill Bill, involves a break-in being foiled by a samurai sword. Apparently, a recently-released convict tried to lunge at a mild-mannered, 20 year-old Johns Hopkins student during a break-in and his hand chopped off. From The Baltimore Sun:

To inflict lethal damage requires some skill, Dibble said.

"To be that confident with it that he would go grab it, he may have been into martial arts," he said. "You would have to hold it with two hands and be confident that you would really know what you were doing."

Mantis Swords, an online outlet based in Westminster, specializes in sharp weapons. "Our swords are ready for cutting," owner Shawn Salafia said.
Remind me not to fuck with that guy.


Wek said...

Wow. That's an effective deterrant. Never really thought about it, but I think I'd rather be shot to death than chopped to death.

Nixon said...

You might bleed out the same from being shot, but at least your tombstone wouldn't say killed by some D&D nerd.