27 October 2009

UN Continues to Make a Mockery of Itself

NYC: Downgraded to Totalitarian Backwater

Not that there's anything wrong with the UN Millennium Development Goals, I mean, who doesn't support ending poverty and world hunger? It's just a bit odd about how the entire organization takes its approach. After the UN Human Rights Council recognized "exceptions" to freedom of speech to appease Islamic dictators, and thinking that letting a thug like Ahmadinejad have the podium would be a swell idea, they now have their sights set on that miserable, hellhole of humanity...New York City. From NY Times:
The United Nations Human Rights Council appoints a rapporteur, or independent experts, to investigate human rights conditions around the world. In the case of Ms. Rolnik, a professor of urban planning at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, her “mission” is to tour New York City and six other places in the United States and to report back to the United Nations General Assembly about housing rights violations and advances.

After that, “We send off letters to governments to ask, ‘Is this true? What’s going on?’ and to please intervene,” she said.
This is a great use of my tax dollars. Yes, NYC is expensive, as any American could tell you. Maybe they can ask why I had to pay $20 for a wireless connection at a hotel in Manhattan that was already $250 a night for a wedding I went to last year. They could even appoint Muammar Qaddafi to preside over the investigation instead of looking into human rights abuses like child soldiers, refugees being brutally killed, and other minor issues.


CI-Roller Dude said...

I don't think the UN is usefull anymore...they need to disband it...there's too many fucked up countries that are memebers and that acts to drag down the good things they could do.
They were less than useless in Bosnia...took the US/NATO to unfuck that place.

Mike said...

I'm with the Birchers on this: Get the US the fuck out of the UN.

JuniorAG said...

Just take a tour of the Useless Nations building & see how it is managed... If you don't like how they run a stinking building, perhaps they shouldn't run anything else. Just a thought.

WatchEnthusiasts.com said...

They were less than useless in Bosnia...took the US/NATO to unfuck that place.