20 December 2009

Free Our Fobbits!

Interesting Op-Ed about how our Army officers in combat are too risk-averse, which is hampering operations and long-term objectives:

The results were striking. Many respondents said that field commanders relied too much on methods that worked in another place at another time but often did not work well now. Officers at higher levels are stifling the initiative of junior officers through micromanagement and policies to reduce risk. Onerous requirements for armored vehicles on patrols, for instance, are preventing the quick action needed for effective counterinsurgency. Of the Army veterans I surveyed, only 28 percent said that their service encouraged them to take risks, while a shocking 41 percent said that the Army discouraged it.
I suppose Mr. Moyar is think about things like "How to Win a War" instead of creating US-based manufacturing jobs for the ever-prevalent reflective belt. Shows what he knows!


CI-Roller Dude said...

So true! Our dumbass leaders didn't understand when/ how/ why to send our teams out.
One day I'd be told I couldn't ride with the Marines I was attached to unless we were in Armored Humvees. When I e-mailed back to Baghdad that we'd be riding in Am Traks, they said "NO" because the dumbass Army folks didn't know what an AM Trak was.
I later just made up names of vehicles and places we were going to get approval.
My SITREP and Next Day Mission Plan was: "Traveling to CMOC Fallujah in M5150"

5150 is the Calif police code for Crazy Person.

Amy Laurent said...

I later just made up names of vehicles and places we were going to get approval.