22 November 2007

Abu al-Ajeeli (some Qaeda douche) nabbed near Tikrit by Iraqi Police

Just saw this article on the wire from AFP, and it's given me some reason for thanks on this fine Thanksgiving in Baghdad.

A senior leader of Al-Qaeda operating in executed dictator Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit in northern Iraq and accused of killing 20 policemen has been arrested, police said. A police officer from Tikrit said Hussein al-Ajeeli, also known as Abu al-Ajeeli, was arrested in a raid on Wednesday in the village of Albo Ajeel near Tikrit. "The police raided his house after local villagers gave information about him," the officer said on condition of anonymity. Ajeeli is accused of plotting a suicide attack against a police building in Tikrit two months ago which killed 17 policemen, the officer said. Ajeeli is also also suspected of kidnapping and killing three other policemen in Al-Dour town near Tikrit, he added.

This quick article highlights two important aspects. One, the Iraqi citizens are sick and tired of being sick and tired. They've starting to work with the security forces more and more to provide intelligence to clean up this country of gangs, terrorists, and criminals. Two, the Iraqi Police (or IP in military speak), once written off by the media as a front for sectarian death squads, are becoming a helluva lot better at taking care of business. We might not be here forever after all.

The Iraqi Police, gettin' er done