22 November 2007

For the Hillary Campaign

Thanks to Nate, the office expert on all things Russian, for introducing me to this propaganda website. Propaganda has always fascinated me, and sometimes it can be applied to our current affairs. Here's a good one that roughly translates "For Stalin, For the Happiness of the People."I know it's a little early to start talking about the elections in '08, almost like putting up the Xmas lights in September. But after Hillary's remarks about handing out 5 grand to each kid plopped out, it bore a creepy resemblance to Soviet-era proletariat breeding programs. I'm just trying to help in the campaign effort: workers of the world unite and throw off the shackles of your imperio-captialist oppressors! Watch when she gets elected and I get tossed in some Gulag or Re-education Center. My wiseass comments aren't going to do a lot of good when I'm breaking up rocks to construct Planned Parenthood centers in Siberia.