30 November 2007

Adios Amigo

1LT Aaron: Marine, American, Badass MC

My buddy Aaron just finished out his 7-months time here and is heading back to Hawaii. He's leaving the world of staff monotony to be back with his fellow marines in Kaneohe. Aaron, I hope we didn't corrupt you too bad with our cynicism and sarcasm. Ladies, he's very single and very available. He provided convoy security in the most violent city in the world and served his time without a lot of moaning and groaning like you hear from me. Show him your appreciation and let him buy you a drink at the nightclubs of Honolulu. Aaron asked for some movie recommendations so here they are:

Best movie about a disillusioned middle-aged man: Brazil
Best movie about distorted reality due to media: Videodrome
Best movie about the ills of Los Angeles: Mulholland Drive
Best movie about a world without war but a need for violence: Rollerball
Best movie about zombies: Dawn of the Dead
Best ridiculous movie about zombies: Return of the Living Dead
Best movie about the throes of drug use: Requiem for a Dream
Best movie about a badass in a bad situation: Escape from New York
Best movie about a bleak future: Children of Men
Best movie about a man disgusted with the world: Taxi Driver

Hope that helps. Travel safe bro!


Bag Blog said...

My single and very available daughter will be in Hawaii this spring. Send his email and we will hook them up. She can add him to her other soldiers she writes (Soldiers Angels). For pics, see my blog.

My word verification was "swijglo" which reminded me much of giggilo - maybe I should rethink this.

LT Nixon said...

Bag Blog,

Thanks! 1LT has been notified via email but is currently traveling out of theater, so it may take some time. for him to get word.