02 December 2007

Was the Guy who Terrorized Hillary's people a Libertarian?

The blog LTNixonRants does not support the madman who terrorized the Hillary Campaign in New Hampshire, despite the fact that you will find no support for Hillary's politics on this blog. This lunatic really caused quite a ruckus and fortunately no one got hurt. But is it fair to depict this guy as a libertarian? Libertarian-Republican discusses it here. Libertarian's advocate the use of force only in self-defense. So why does Wonkette and MSNBC label him some looney Libertarian?

"But you have to listen to what he were just told, his libertarian leanings. This is, we`re told, a guy who really doesn`t like police. So when the tactical team starts to give him orders, he may balk at that. This is a critical juncture right now, when just about you think you have got this guy. You have to be careful that you don`t snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory, and ask him to do something that`s against his personal belief, as far as responding to law enforcement." -MSNBC Harball, 30 Nov

I think libertarians have a lot of valid points about ways to fix the sorry state of our current society and monstrously-sized government. The problem must be with one of public image. When libertarianism is associated with the Ron Paul campaign crowd, you're going to have problems. The 9/11 truthers, that stupid blimp, that weird fundraiser, and Guy Fawkes masks make for a creepy way to convey the message of freedom to the public.

I wrote a letter to the closest libertarian I know to get some insight.

Last night the guy who took Hillary's folks hostage was described as a "Libertarian" by MSNBC. What do you suggest we do to shed images like this? See you in 3 weeks.
LT Nixon

Will update with the reply.



LT Nixon said...

LT Nixon's Mom Says:

It's true that most people have a very fuzzy understanding of libertarianism, which leads to such weird commentary as on MSNBC yesterday. (BTW, Libertarians don't have a problem with police--they protect individuals from violent folks!) I'm not sure why it's so confusing. Truth is, most people live their lives in a libertarian way. They don't use force to get others to do what they want; they use persuasion and education to rally people to their causes. They don't expect others to support them; they pay their own way so they can remain independent. Most people are good neighbors who care about others, help when needed, and don't care too much about how others live their lives as long as they aren't criminals. So I'm not sure why it is that when people advocate voluntary, privately funded, non-coercive solutions to public problems, as the Libertarian Party does, they get branded "dangerous." Individual rights, free markets, and tolerance for others are all good things for society. History and experience back me up on that. I guess it's just going to take more education to get the word out. Good places to find out more about the Libertarian Party and libertarian ideas: www.lp.org

We're looking forward to seeing you soon!


Herschel said...

LT and mom,

As far as libertarianism goes, I personally couldn't agree more with the extension of civil liberties and less involvement from the federal government. I sometimes wonder though, is that really what is best for most Americans? This may be cynical, but despite what people say, I think a lot of this country really wants the government to be their mom and dad and dictate how they should live. When I see many of the social programs that crutch so many people, I doubt that left to their own devices, a good portion of the population would be able to take care of themselves. Welfare programs aside, without federally sponsored programs to aid in medical insurance and retirement funding, I don't think most of the country would even think to budget past their flat screen tv's and starbucks to take care of those things for themselves. So many people are balking at the supplemental programs currently in place because they can't bridge the gap to full functionality. I guess my general question is, are we really smart enough, as a nation, to be blessed with more liberty and make decisions for ourselves?

LT Nixon said...


I couldn't agree with you more that our nation has encouraged irresponsible spending and people going into enormous debt. I just don't think that because you are born in America, you are entitled to everything under the sun, even if you provide nothing towards society. Thanks for the post.