29 November 2007

Attention all Western Journalists: Even Geraldo says Baghdad isn't so Bad!

There is no doubt that there has been a steady drop in Iraq-related coverage in the press back stateside. You'd think the recent security improvements would allow for more journalists to move freely throughout the country and conduct business. I know that statistics show that Baghdad is still way more violent than American cities, but I thought this is what journalists made the big bucks and won Pulitzers for. Western journalists still say Baghdad isn't safe enough according to this Reuters article (Blackfive also makes light of this issue here). Major news media, I'm begging you to come check it out. As a Navy guy stuck in the International Zone, I thoroughly enjoy reading first-hand tales of the real Iraq from Milbloggers and the Iraqi media. I'm sure many folks are of the same mindset of me and as consumers we want to hear what's really going on. If the plea of some weenie staff officer isn't enough to motivate you, consider that Geraldo, who was once suitcase-tossed out of Iraq for an OPSEC violation, is saying that Baghdad is good to go.

"Can it be said, dare I say, are we winning the battle of Baghdad Colonel?" - Geraldo "Geraldo, yes we are." - Colonel Roberts

Check out these screen captions from FOX if you don't believe me. That's right, Geraldo, the guy who said he wanted to pull his kid out of college after the Virginia Tech shootings. We want to hear what you have to say about Iraq, not what you have to say about updates to the OJ trial.

Geraldo starts the new trend in Baghdad, red-tinted star wars type glasses

"Saddam's sons used to take these Cheetahs to the discos," Geraldo remarks at the Baghdad Zoo. Apparently, he's getting some ideas.