29 November 2007

Why I'm Dissapointed with "Conservative" Bloggers right now

So I bill myself as Conservative-Libertarian, and I've always supported a lot of conservative / right-wing beliefs (especially during the clinton era!), but I don't attach myself to any particular party. This allows me free rein to embrace or reject ideas objectively without having to tow the party line. I was tremendously pissed at the Code Pink / MoveOn.Org hijinx during the Crocker-Petraeus assessment, and now I'm tremendously pissed at the other side of the political spectrum.

First off, this Ben Shapiro guy. I tried to write him an email by hitting the "contact me!" button on his self-important website. I sent an email to the address posted and it got kicked back to me two seconds later! Booo!!!

Well I'll have to post it here and hope that he finds it via google:

An Open letter to Mr. Benjamin Shapiro:

Mr. Shapiro,
Please refrain from using rhetoric like "Meanwhile, the Republican star rises with the burgeoning Iraqi stabilization. The media exaggerated the pronouncement of imminent Republican death -- a Rudy Giuliani nomination could spell renewed electoral success in 2008."
I understand the nature of punditry in support of one's beliefs, but this is horribly insulting and contributes to the politicization of the Iraq war in America. War is serious business, and people get killed everyday over here. The reality of war is not something to be taken lightly to "spread the word" about 2008 candidates. We do not wear uniforms that proclaim our political affiliation, so what does a "victory" in Iraq have to do with a "victory" for Rudy Giuliani? The recent success in Iraq is not due to politicians in Washington, it is due to the logical strategy presented by GEN Petraeus and AMB Crocker and implemented by the thousands of people busting their asses out here.
LT Nixon

Then I go check out this other blog entry on retired General Sanchez on Moonbattery. It's running the poor guy through the wringer! Calling him some Pelosi's stooge, failed general, and the comments section even makes some lameass "dirty Sanchez" jokes. I'm expecting these people to start accusing him of not having a green card. I figured they just had some beef against US Army Generals. But I did a little checking and they got all up in arms about the moveon.org fiasco two months ago with GEN Petraeus, calling it contemptible to denigrate a general. I guess it's okay to slam a General if it suits your agenda. Is 2007 the year of slandering flag officers who have served in Iraq? Are Ron Paul's people gonna start accusing GEN Casey of wearing the wrong medals next month? What the hell is going on! Generals are highly trusted public servants with civilian bosses. This is not a military junta. If you don't like the war or the mission go write a letter to your congressman. And if you want to badmouth the US military come do it here with me. Someone who has the time and energy to deal with this crap and not 150,000 people to manage in a highly stressful environment.