19 November 2007

Coalition Forces stomp Qaeda up North, when's hollyweird gonna tell the story

Saw this on the MNF-I press releases and thought I would share: Coalition forces target al-Qaeda networks; six terrorists killed near Samarra. Samarra is up north in Salah ad Din province where the famous mosque is located that got bombed in February 2006 and sparked large-scale sectarian conflict. It's minarets got hit in June 2007 as well. Just another Al-Qaeda tactic to try to escalate strife in this country leading to sectarian cleansing and destabilization. Abominable! But now the troopers are really putting the hurt on these guys. From yesterday's press release:

"During the operation, two of the armed men were seen leaving the first building and maneuvering into a second building. Coalition forces called for the building's occupants to come out, but no one complied. Perceiving hostile intent, Coalition forces engaged the armed men, killing four terrorists. As the ground force secured the buildings, they found three of the terrorists killed were wearing suicide vests, including one that had detonated. They also found a weapons cache, improvised explosive device making materials and a media cache. Coalition forces called for supporting aircraft to safely destroy the two buildings, which were assessed to be structurally unsafe."

Radio BBC Arabic ran it word for word, but haven't seen much from the wire services. Of course I can't comment on the "boots on ground" aspect of the story due to my pogueness, but it's good to know the guys outside the wire have got our backs. Terrorists fighting with suicide vests on is certainly a dangerous business. Of course, people stateside seem to have forgotten about the threat of terrorism, and are more concerned with the legality of water-boarding these crazies. You certainly aren't going to hear about good things happening here from richey-rich Mark Cuban (see the Vox Veterana blogpost here) who thinks the troops rape and pillage in their spare time, when not bored. Well I for one blog about clowns like Mark Cuban and Brian De Palma when I'm bored, so excuse me for not fitting your preconceived notion. This gross misconception of reality from the limousine liberal crowd may explain why the recent spat of Anti-War flicks are stinkin' up the joint at the box office. Check that out from Time here. Well if I was some Hollywood producer-type living in the hills and I wanted to make some money for pickin up hot babes at the Skybar, I would make a movie about the US forces putting the hammer down in operations like this one near Samarra. That'd be a goddamn movie.


Mark said...

you can check out our movie, Voices of Iraq that is already out

or you can wait for our next movie, Fight for Life

both are very positive.