18 November 2007

The Latest Victims of GWOT: Congressional Democrats?

Ah yes, the latest victims in Iraq are not from death squads, suicide attacks, or IEDs, but from little pamphlets the Public Affairs folks hand out when dealing with congressional visits. Check out the NY Times story here about Rep Tauscher (D-CA) who says she felt "slimed", because (*gasp*) people were briefed prior to her visit that she was not supportive of the OIF campaign. Apparently, we're supposed to be good little boys and girls when these CODELs roll through, and be all smiles and happy to know that "The US congress supports the troops and our families!" If the US congress wanted to support the troops, they would pass funding to enable winning the war and knockoff the slander of our boss, GEN Petraeus.

This is from Tauscher's August "Iraq diary" found on her website.

"It is stunning to hear our military and diplomatic leadership's rationale and talking points...I'm convinced that Petraeus will say that we will marginally reduce troops in the Spring of 08 but will ask for my time. THEN have that 'we need to keep the military surge going' rhetoric parroted by the Iraqis. They use the same phraseology, pauses and anecdotes. I'm no doctor but I think I have diagnosed a virulent and dangerous new disease.... Green Zone Fog."

Green Zone fog eh? I'm convinced GEN Petraeus knows more about Iraq than most other Americans, you know why, it's called the chain of command you dunce! GEN Petraeus is not flying solo, he gets information from his subordinate officers in theater, which is the way it's worked for thousands of years.

"The most disturbing aspect of my trip is that I am convinced that too many of the Iraqi leadership, Maliki, Barham Salih, Heshimi live in the Green Zone. And, after nearly two years of a permanent government the Parliament meets only in the Green Zone, where no average Iraqis can visit. Talk about out of touch."

I particularly appreciate the implications that we need to "get rid of" the democratically-elected Iraqi leadership. This view has also been espoused by Senators Clinton and Levin. Thanks for the public diplomacy effort of giving justification for some kind of coup. It portrays the coalition presence as being ethically standing somewhere in line with the raging Mongol hordes that destroyed Iraq hundreds of years ago.

"Even though we are in the Green Zone, also called the International Zone, we have to wear our body armor and helmets when we move around. Every few yards there are 'Duck and Cover' concrete shelters where we are told to run to if the alarm goes off signifying in-coming mortars. Looks like we will have at least 8 seconds to get to cover."

Again, thanks for broadcasting that information to the world, you jackhole! Maybe you'd like to put little markers on a google-earth overlay of good places to hit with mortars on your website. I guess operational security protocol doesn't apply to you, because she's a "representative
of the people".

While Rep. Tauscher was prancing around over here bogarting air and security assets, I'm certain a statie could have used these assets to go meet some sheikhs in one of the provinces and convince their tribe that it's better to build markets and open infrastructure instead of blowing up coalition forces, AKA winning the war. Thanks Tauscher, you really "support the troops", as the "support center for military families" banner on your tax-payer funded website strangely juxtaposed with "Rep. Tauscher Speaks in Support of Resolution Opposing Troop Surge" signifies. Reminds me of the SGT Barnes line in Platoon when he gets upset that "politicans in Washington trying to fight this war with one hand tied around their balls". Some things never change.