26 November 2007

Iraqi Parliament Members Gone Wild Part II

Looks like Iraqi Parliament heated up again over the controversy surrounding the Accountability and Justice Law. This law gives ex-Baathists (Saddam's party) the ability to come back to the workforce. One of the biggest mistakes of the early occupation days was Bremer implementing De-Baathification which effectively purged anyone with a shred of competence from governance. Now the Sadr Trend has resorted to ruckus-like tactics to prevent it from passing. Full story here.

"No! No, to Baathists," the Sadrists shouted, noisily banging their desks and prompting parliamentary speaker Mahmud Mashhadani to order the session to continue behind closed doors.

"The draft violates the Iraqi constitution," Falah Hasan Shanshal, a Sadr group lawmaker, told the parliament, according to a statement issued by the assembly...

...due to the ruckus in parliament, it was not immediately certain if the second reading would take place on schedule.

I'm gonna ask the same question I ask of our congress back in the states, "Who elected these jokers?"