27 November 2007

What happened to America: The case of Ron Paul

A long time ago, when I was young and less cynical, my mother told me that the best president for 1988 was a libertarian by the name of Ron Paul. I was raised to be distrustful of the bullying federal government as it abused the very constitution that created it. Ron Paul seemed to understand that small government was the best for the people, which was what the founding father's envisioned, and so many young men had died for. Since then, government has only grown more abusive and bloated, so Ron Paul should be an ideal candidate to lead us to prosperity and freedom in 2008 right?

Sadly, no.

I do not agree with Ron Paul's bag-ass approach to Iraq, however I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on that. I thought that there was some corporate media blackout to marginalize him. But taking a look at the facts, I can hardly relate to his campaign supporters. Supporters of Paul are engaging in some kind of cyber war on numerous websites to get the word out on Dr. Paul. Apparently, a Ron Paul banner has been pasted on the Stormfront (white pride) website, a strange fellow named Taco John that likes to terrorize individuals who dare question Dr. Paul's credentials(here and here to read about him), and apparently the Ron Paul campaign is working on purchasing some gigantic blimp. Presumably to rule the sky like some Dungeons & Dragons level 23 wyvern, I don't get it.

What have we done with democracy. When did it become such a farce. I'm having serious misgivings about this election, and I agree with South Puget Sound Libertarian's assessment of this democracy of ours , but I'll tough this one out. Maybe it will turn around. I sure hope so.

Courtesy of zombie time, 9/11 conspiracy folks have their prospect for '08. Sigh