27 November 2007

Levity: Iraqi Army Rolls Up a Trannie-Terrorist

Caught a quick blurb of terrorists looking ridiculous on CNN-international and the AP wire. The Iraqi Army rolled these yahoos up near a Taji checkpoint so kudos to them.

Separately, Iraqi soldiers thwarted terrorism suspects disguised as a bride and groom trying to pass through a checkpoint along with their "wedding procession" north of the Iraqi capital, the Iraqi Defense Ministry said.

The unfortunate fellow dressed in the wedding gown may know how to plant a deep-buried IED without being spotted by a patrol, but he doesn't know how to deceive any-damn-one into thinking he's a woman. Look at that stubble, and that adam's apple, he doesn't even come close! Perhaps Al-Qaeda and friends need to spend some time with the lady-boys of Pattaya Beach, Thailand to learn how to dress up girlie and confuse us naïve military types. Have fun getting heckled in Iraqi prison.