23 November 2007

Patronizing "The Troops" on Thanksgiving

MSM supports the troops free of politics on Turkey Day, not so much with the anti-war blogosphere.

No, this crass patronization of us folks spending Thanksgiving in the military wasn't from FOX or CNN or anyone else in the MSM. CNN ran shout outs from Balad and FOX had a piece from a Combat Outpost (COP) in Dora. Dora is to Baghdad what South Central is to Los Angeles, so kudos to FOX for getting an embed out there. This abuse came from Leslie Griffith's editorial on Huffington Post. She starts off by giving her thanks to Nancy Pelosi who is itching to cut our funding and waving the white flag of retreat.

"Nancy Pelosi has found her footing! Working to get our children, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers out of Iraq safely and showing the world a woman can be tough and tender makes me thankful."

She then gives thanks to those unsung heroes, Hollywood celebrities, for their support of the troops. This gives her a base of compassion to espouse her political belifs free of criticism.

"It indicated how rare this was. Denzel visited and gave money to Fisher homes built for housing the families of troops in military hospitals. Actress Michelle Pfieffer, David Kelly, John Mellancamp, Cher and Rosie O'Donnell have also visited military hospitals and given money. Rosie (certainly a victim of misdirected anger) was one of the first to do so. After a heartbreaking day of witnessing what roadside bombs do to soldiers, Rosie tried to lighten the darkness with humor."

And now here's the kicker, she gives some uneven thanks to "The Troops"

"Last and most importantly, I am grateful for every American willing to sign up for a war when called. They did not keep track of the lies coming from Washington because they were too busy avoiding road side bombs."

Aw, gee whiz, thanks Leslie. I'm just some dumb grunt in the middle of Bush/Cheney's oil war, and I only know about NASCAR and getting blowed up, thanks for thinkun' for me.

I've had it up to here with these sleazy, private-jet liberal types exploiting our brothers and sisters injured or killed in combat! This bullshit needs to stop. These people need to get honest with themselves and realize that they are hoping for more casualties to come out of Iraq so that they can pin it on the Bush administration and elect a bunch of socialist/anti-military themed politicians in the 2008 elections. "Supporting the troops" has become so politically correct that it has lost all meaning. I honestly think it'd be better if people threw dogshit and spit on us when we got back to the states like the same people did during Vietnam. At least that way the general public would understand where they stood. I beg of you, O wise liberal anti-war types, please leave our casualties of war outside of the political debate! The MSM did on Thanksgiving, why can't the blogosphere?