17 November 2007

Petraeus was right

Yeah, you heard me! All you clowns who wanted to see the mission fail over here and Iraq erupt into civil war. General Petraeus' strategy of allying with former Sunni insurgents is making vast improvements in both security and governance. Here's a quick blurb off the wire about locals purging the once Al Qaeda stronghold neighborhood of Adhamiyah.

"A moderate armed Sunni group has ended Al-Qaeda's tight two-year grip on north Baghdad's volatile Adhamiyah neighbourhood and is now in control, an AFP correspondent witnessed on Friday. A local militia calling itself the "revolutionaries of Adhamiyah" took over the Sunni district on the east bank of the Tigris on November 10 in a swift and audacious raid that sent Al-Qaeda fleeing from its last stronghold in Baghdad. On Friday, members of the "revolutionaries of Adhamiyah" controlled main roads into the neighbourhood as well the square housing the famous Abu Hanifa mosque where Saddam Hussein made his last public appearance before fleeing Baghdad in 2003 as US-led forces invaded the country. A Sunni bastion encircled by Shiite districts, Adhamiyah had been one of the most dangerous areas of Baghdad, under the tight control of Al-Qaeda "emirs"."

Even the Shiite-dominated government of Iraq is getting cozy with the idea of armed Sunnis working with coalition and Iraqi security forces. There was reporting of 7 VBIEDS (car bombs) cleared in the neighborhood earlier this week in the Iraqi news. Sadly, that's all your gonna hear of this story stateside. The media is focusing more effort on the Dems holding military spending money hostage. This is presumably so they have more money for the disastrous entitlement programs of Social Security and Medicare which are already sending federal spending skyrocketing as the baby boomers approach geezerdom. I'm glad fighting terrorism is less important than some broad named Flo pissing away her government paycheck at Harrah's casino in Laughlin, NV as she sucks down her Newport 100s. Oh yeah, then we get to foot the bill for her healthcare! Might have to do with the AARP being the most powerful lobby in Washington, but what do I know, I'm just some yahoo. But to all the troopers outside the wire kickin' ass, both coalition and Iraqi, keep up the great work!