17 November 2007

Going after Cacciato in Iraq

Despite most of us military types getting shipped off to the sandbox without much complaining, there's a small, but vocal, minority of weenies giving the US Armed Forces a bad name by flying the coop to Canada. CBS had a good piece on it here. Now I know deployments aren't
much fun, no booze and a dull, exhausting routine that warps your mind. But this is military service you pussies!

"The reason I was being called back was to go to another tour in Iraq, and I didn't agree with that" -Some Army deserter in Canada.

Hey, ass, guess what, that's not your decision to make! The military is not a democracy. We don't decide which conflicts to get involved with or what our foreign policy dictates. The elected officials of America make those decisions and tell the US Armed Forces what to do. Did you
miss that class in 8th grade civics? And the anti-war zealots on the left are parading these bozos around like they're some kind of civil rights activists. I appeal to our friends in the great white north to clean house.

Get a haircut, you!