17 November 2007

Purging Ameriyah of terrorism

FOX News had a piece on "concerned local citizens" (as they are dubbed by us folks in the military) putting the boot up Qaeda's ass in the Sunni enclave of Ameriyah. It all started when the imam of a local mosque started working with the 1-5 Cav. Good example of how, yeah, the
Sunni population of Iraq may have some disagreements with the coalition presence, but we're a way better alternative to the brutality and reactionary fundamentalism of Al-Qaeda style rule.

I like this dude, Abu Abed, what a hardass. He's talking about schwackin the "White Lion" of Al-Qaeda Iraq.

"He said 'I'm muslim don't kill me'. Then I say 'You killed thousands!', and then I killed him."

It is of note that contrary to most opinion in the West, most Islamic terrorism is directed against other members of the Islamic faith. It's great to see Iraqi people getting fed up with this crap and taking action about it. If only our lousy congress could comprehend it instead of wanting the coalition forces to bag ass like brave Sir Robin and his merry band of minstrels.