13 December 2007

Guess Who Else Has a Blog...Ahmadinejad!

That's right. I was kind of dumbstruck when I got wind of President Ahmadinejad's blog. There's an article about it in the NY Times (thanks Drudge) discussing the lighter side of the madman of Iran. The blog is not just in Farsi, presumably since the Iranian authorities are conducting an outreach campaign. Mr. Ahmadinejad discusses the finer points of ruling a theocracy:

I have been thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of bureaucracy ‎for some time now. The main question is how much does the contemporary system ‎of bureaucracy help to solve people's problems?

It didn't take me much looking around to find where Ahmadinejad starts getting all distressed over the source of every problem in the Persian regime and elsewhere in the Middle East for the past 3,000 years: The US-Zionist Usurpers!

Of course, we too hate war – as you do. Certainly, we are not panic-stricken of a defensive war, but we believe there are many diplomatic and peaceful ways and approaches to intercept paranoidal bullying and expansion policies and practices of U.S., Zionist usurper regime – the occupier of Palestine – and Britain. I assure you that Iran would not initiate any war! Unfortunately today, the entire world is somehow afoul of some hostile powers and politicians that are non-edified, power greed and warmongers.

There's also some pretty hilarious comments that Mr. Ahmadinejad leaves on the right side for all to see. Many are from Americans:

God bless Iran, Bush and Isreal are unfair to Iran. I am sorry for the way you were treated at our university. All americans are not the same as Bush. Peace god bless Iran and the rest of the world! -Colby Brown

Thanks Benedict Arnold, why don't you go live there!

I would love to leave the comment "Mr. Ahmadinejad, Please stop sending EFPs, mortars, and Quds Force to Iraq, they make for many unpleasantries. Your friend, LT Nixon" But I'm not with the State Department, and my internet traffic is probably monitored.