13 December 2007

Ron Paul won't run with Libertarian Party, Campaign gets Even Weirder

Eric Dondero over at Libertarian-Republican has the scoop that Ron Paul has said no to running on a third-party ticket. Perhaps it is for the best, since Ron Paul's supporters are producing weirder and creepier Paul Propaganda by the day (thanks Hot Air). The blimp now goes on a mythical adventure through outer space and takes on the Masonic Eye in the Pyramid ala Star Wars. I think it's a testament to what some undersexed poindexter living in his mother's basement can accomplish if he puts his mind to it. Eric Dondero also accuses Lew Rockwell of Machiavellian opposition to the LP, and taking a look at Lew Rockwell's website it's very strange how much the guy loves Dr. Paul. "Ron Paul is the doctor with the cure" the entry says. That still doesn't solve what the Doctor has in store for our woes against terrorism (IMHO the biggest problem we currently face). After seeing this hilarious Jesus' General spoof on the GOP debates, my only hope for 2008 is going to have to be: Zombie Thomas Jefferson.

Vote for Zombie-Thomas J. in '08!