03 December 2007

Inexcusable Humiliation and Lack of Common Sense at SEATAC

Thanks to Operation Yellow Elephant for the story about the honor guard for a fallen comrade that had to strip off their uniforms to be subjected to a humiliating search. This took place at the SEATAC airport in my neck of the woods stateside. While I understand the need for security at our airports, this shows that the TSA does not employ basic common sense and succumbs to the politically correct mantra that terrorism is conducted by the burger king kids club. While LT Nixon understands that 99.9999% of the worlds Islamic community is NOT terrorists, I would say most terrorists are arabic looking guys aged 18-30. As a guy in Iraq, you can imagine I pass through rigorous checkpoints at [OPSEC], since terrorism in this country poses a much more significant threat. Are the guards being "pigs" because they give a little more scrutiny to the Arabic males aged 18-30 as opposed to the female soldier wearing the uniform of the US Army? Should these guards be brought to trial for racial discrimination? I'll let you decide.