03 December 2007

Retort: From libhom on Violence Down in Iraq

Libhom from godless liberal homo wrote a comment concerning the reports on the drop of violence. (LT Nixon note: this is the name of the blog, I am not being mean)

"There is no logical basis for believing that the violence in Iraq actually is going down. The sources for this claim are the Pentagon (acting under Bush administration orders) and the puppet regime in Iraq. Neither has any credibility."

To which I replied on this blogpost.

"You questioned on my blog whether the violence was really down in Iraq. Being an officer serving in Baghdad funded by your taxdollars, I feel that it is my responsibility to give you the truth. I see that you are from NYC, so I'm providing an article from the NY Times that should clarify that the reporting comes from a combination of coalition reports, Iraqi police reports, and Iraqi ministry reports. I hope this alleviates any concerns. Respectfully, LT Nixon"

I can also state that the Iraqi media has cited a drop in violence, as well as Iraqi citizens in most of the provinces. As far as the Pentagon goes, well I'll be honest, I've never been there or met Mr. Bush.


Bryan said...

I don't think libhom is interested in the facts. I note that he axed my posts pointing out real problems with the Johns Hopkins (Lancet) study and my post pointing out the plight of Iraqi undertakers whose rate of business has taken a hit from the surge.

LT Nixon said...


Yes I'm a little concerned with libhom's complete disregard for reality. He went off on the Lancet study, but the crux of the actual post was denying that violence was down in Iraq, which it clearly is. Some people are so committed to their beliefs that they can't be argued with. I take a much more logical and rational approach. Thanks for the post!