19 December 2007

Uh... Did Everybody Forget There was a War in Iraq

I've moaned, groaned, and whined about the mainstream media not covering what was going on in Iraq before, which is why I've turned to the blogosphere to get the scoop. But, alas, the blogs are even starting to forget about the war in Iraq as you can see by this blogpulse graph (I don't even want to graph Afghanistan because it might be too depressing to view the apathy). Do you nice folks out in blog-land really not care about the Iraq war? Let me know. Maybe I should write about Paris Hilton's latest follies, John Edwards' fancy haircuts, and Huckabee's subliminal cross in his Christmas video. I'm a shameless self-promoter and will whore myself out to get blog hits by any means necessary. Perhaps this is why The Onion ran this biting satire entitled "Iraq war no longer interesting enough to make list of year's top stories". Iraq is actually at pretty interesting cross-roads, and 2008 could either be a success for the Iraqi people or a total disaster, depending on what does or doesn't happen. So I urge you to stay apprised of the situation whatever your choice of media is.


gage said...

LT Nixon, shame on you. You know very well Nintendo Wii's are in short supply in the U.S. Who has time to follow a moldy old war while the hunt for Wii's is on?

membrain said...

A very tricky situation with respect to Turkey and the PKK. You're right on the money with respect make or break in Iraq in 2008.

With repsect to Afghanistan I can well understand your reluctance to look at the graph. It is imperative that NATO brings more combat boots to the ground.

I checked your blog roll and I noticed that you don't have this guy: http://billandbobsadventure.blogspot.com/

I consider him to be the best writer bogging from Afghanistan today. Very insightful and COIN savvy.

LT Nixon said...

Gage always glad to see you here. Yeah Wii is pretty awesome, so I've heard, glad video games are more interesting than war.

Membrain, yeah I've seen Bill N' Bob on the sandbox before, but I guess I neglected to blogroll them. So I blogrolled them and yours too, glad to have an international audience, thanks man. Canada may have only been 45 minutes away from where I grew up, but it still qualifies as international. Thanks!

membrain said...

Thanks LT Nixon. Take care.