26 December 2007

With More Bandwidth Comes More Hijinx

Now that I'm stateside I've been able to make a few updates that I've been meaning too, since I'm mooching off my folks' bandwidth. I added some of those dumbass de-motivational propaganda I made which you can conveniently view on the sidebar. I also re-organized the links to better characterize everything. I found out about this place called twentysomething bloggers that I joined. Man, that place is packed full of hot babes! No joke, I thought it was some kind of spam site, but I did a cursory check and it seems legit. So sign up before the place becomes a total sausage fest. I understand my standards may be in the crapper after 3 years on a sub with a bunch of dudes, but these chicks are hot! I'm waiting to be banned as soon as I say something about instituting a draft or getting in an argument about our generation's priorities, but in the meantime I'm keeping an eye on it.

SGT Grumpy is spreading the Xmas cheer in Iraq, and he keeps a pretty good blog with observations from the streets of Iraq. There's also a new milblog False Motivation that you should check out. Of course Milblogging.com is always a good database. A lot of these guys have to blog in crappy MWR trailers with internet connections that remind you of using a 14.4K modem to BBS, not to mention the occasional rocket, so pay your respects!


Bag Blog said...

I don't know about your "standards", but there is nothing wrong with your eyes. the twentysomething bloggers are very attractive. Good luck with that.

It reminded me of a funny story about a lady whose brother returned from a deployment and was set up with a blind date...maybe I had better not tell this one right now:)

Kiyum said...

Aww. LT Nixon finds true love via the Internets. Hope you had a good Christmas. We are finally moving in today!!

Ryan said...

So yeah... Just FYI that twentysomething bloggers is banned here... come back soon!

I believe in life after love said...

Well its not banned in hooch-net...and you arent crazy...i am amazed at the quality of bloggers one site can put together.