25 December 2007

Xmas Morning Roundup

There's some good Xmas videos for the troops floating around the blogosphere if you're into that sort of sentimental business. Blackfive has got a tribute compiled from a variety of blogs here and Blogs of War has one here. Lew Rockwell's griping about a non-military christmas here if you like your Xmas message mixed with anti-OIF politics.

But since I'm not particularly religious, I tend to look for good-natured humor to pass the holiday season. Here's an article about Santa being nailed to a cross in where I used to be stationed, Bremerton, WA, in some kind of bizarre protest against consumerism. A friend sent me the Burger King christmas song, which is good for a chuckle. Wesley Willis (R.I.P.) sings his schizophrenic Xmas cheer. Since, Santa Claus might not have brought more bandwidth to the MWR trailers in Iraq and Afghanistan, I'll leave our guys at the front with a photo of the pets at my parents' house to spread the Christmas cheer. Merry Christmas.