15 January 2008

All Things Military-related

Check out this USA Today article about the Army Rangers whoopin' ass up in Mosul during an xmas morning raid. Awesome stuff!

I got invited to be a regular contributor to Vetvoice which is part of Votevets.org. I'll be writing alongside Alex from widely-acclaimed ArmyofDude and Richard Smith in Afghanistan. I understand that I probably shouldn't be talking politics as an active-duty guy. But first and foremost I'm an American, and America is in trouble. When you have people saying grossly inaccurate things like this, I'm reminded why I need to offer my two-bit commentary:

The Iraqi government, they watch us, they listen to us. I know very well that they follow everything that I say. And my commitment to begin withdrawing our troops in January of 2009 is a big factor, as it is with Senator Obama, Senator Edwards, those of us on the Democratic side. It is a big factor in pushing the Iraqi government to finally do what they should have been doing all along.

No this wasn't joe schmoe on a blog somewhere, it was Hillary! Vetvoice is an open forum that has intelligent discussions on foreign policy, politics, and veteran issues. It is also free of shenanigans and attack commentary which is prevalent in most other blog forums. I have no political allegiance, but I am open to new ideas, which is why I frequent the site in my off-time. Collectively speaking, Vetvoice has the potential to make an impact on society to wake people up from their slumber. If someone or any of the higher-ups has a problem with me talking politics as a member of the military, please note the disclaimer on the sidebar and understand I'm anonymous like a ghost in the machine. Cheers!


Jason said...

Thats great - I look forward to hearing what you have to say over there.

membrain said...

Great stuff about VetVoice Lt. Nixon. Thanks for the link to the Army Rangers whup ass.

Bag Blog said...

Congrats on the Vetvoice - you will be a great voice.

LT Nixon said...

Thanks guys!

Army Sergeant said...

I join in the congrats on the VetVoice. Also, Hillary: newsflash. No one is watching you. If I can't be bothered to watch what you're spewing, how can the Iraqis? It is /not all about Hillary/.

I'm sure she's the type to compulsively google herself, so I'm sure this will reach my target! :)

LT Nixon said...

Haha! Army SGT, she probably has someone do that for her. She's too busy crying on TV.