15 January 2008

NYT Calls us Desk Jockeys Aloof Imbeciles

There's an editorial in the NY Times today entitled "In Search of Answers" which discusses the downside of the new Accountability and Justice Law passed by the Iraqi Parliament. It makes some good points about why De-Baathification enacted by Paul Bremer and the CPA destroyed the inner-workings of the Iraqi bureaucracy plunging the country into chaos. It also makes some good points about how the law may provide reconciliation with the Sunni and Shiite but with some caveats and loopholes that may be less than advantageous. What I didn't agree with was with this statement:

As Mr. Bush praised the new law, spokesmen for the American Embassy and for the American commander were unfamiliar with it.

Apparently, the ninja-style powerpoint skills of staff pogues and diplomats throughout Iraq ain't impressing the NY Times as they think we're asleep at the switch. As a person who's entire existence is funded by the US taxpayer, I feel obligated to retort, so that you nice people in the States don't think we're horsing around over here bullshittin'. The Accountability and Justice Law is one of many laws that are important to ensuring a stable democratic future for Iraq's fledgling central government. As our mission is to provide stability and security in Iraq, I can assure laws like this are taken very seriously from the bossman and everyone else in-country. You can check out the MNF-I press release here and McClatchy Watch here that praises the Iraqis for finally getting this damn thing through parliament. I understand the word public servant has become synonymous with incompetence, but hey, we're trying our darndest. I'm accustomed to getting rightfully dissed from infantrymen and guys out at sea as being a staff weenie (which I'm not arguing with since they're doing the hard time), but not from a bunch of latte-swilling, volvo-driving bozos on the NYT editorial board!

Contrary to NYT opinion, I only sleep at the office on Sundays


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