19 January 2008

Crazy Doomsday Cult Runs Amok in Southern Iraq

The interesting news never stops in this place. A group known as the "Soldiers of Heaven" is battling it out with Iraqi Security Forces in the southern provinces of Nasiriyah and Basrah. I remember hearing about them last year, something about attacking Shi'ite religious leaders in the hopes of attaining salvation for the coming apocalypse. All very creepy stuff. This blog whole-heartedly supports the Iraqi Security Forces (now responsible for Basra province) in bringing these crazies to justice by any means necessary and to sustain a peaceful Ashura for all the not-so-crazy Shi'ite pilgrims. It's strange to see how Iraq is becoming similar to America in bringing out all the yahoos: Scientologists, Heaven's Children, Lyndon Larouchers, ahh... the joys of democracy.

Update: Things have settled down as of now. Talisman Gate has some keen insight into how the clashes were quelled, and Juan Cole praises the violence with "the sectarians seem to have put up an impressive fight in Nasiriya, where they killed and wounded officers of the Iraqi security forces", Juan, what a swell guy!

I wonder if the "Soldiers of Heaven" were wearing the same Heaven's Gate style Nikes


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