20 January 2008

Ideological Groups That Really Suck

One thing that I've learned from being in Iraq is that sometimes you have to adopt a pragmatic approach that compromises various conflicting ideas to reach some sort of practical solution. I think this may be known as the Hegelian dialectic, but I'm certainly no braniac. I just think the reason that I'm such a moderate on political matters is because ideological groups suck ass. Here's some examples:

Code Pink (link)

These yahoos storm into the Petraeus/Crocker September testimony with stupid signs and funny looking hats to insult a 4-star general in the name of "supporting the troops". Geez, Code Pink, I think the guy might know a thing or two about "the troops" having been in the Army since you were smoking pot and getting it on at swingers parties during the 70s. These hippies are just looking for any cause to stir up trouble and, conveniently for them, there's a war going on, so that they can leave their mark before they zip off into the cosmos or whatever aging hippie douches do once they croak. (SGT Freedom eloquently explains)

Lyndon Larouche Democrats (link)

These guys seriously freak me out. When I was in college, they used to always have a leaflet table set up with very poorly patched-together signs that made absolutely no sense about how we were headed for an economic depression and that the only thing that could save us was Roosevelt-style socialism and building choo-choo trains through Africa. My friend was brainwashed by them and invited me to their "compound" out in LA once to get some "education". They verbally assaulted me for supporting Thomas Jefferson-style democracy and claimed I was some sort of British agent or maybe even a "speculator". What these insults meant still haunt me to this day. Good thing they didn't get my name. Some other groups many years ago weren't so lucky, since the Larouchers attacked them with nunchucks during something known as Operation Mop-Up. Creepy.

9/11 Truthers (link)

You ever wonder why the world is run by old white dudes in masonic hoods who control the world's banks and engineer wars and famines to stuff their coffers with gold. Well, after being on this planet for 27 years, I have realized that no one is that smart to pull off a ruse on that magnitude. Good god, some of our leaders can barely tie their shoes let alone manufacture 9/11 to start a global conquest under the pretense of fighting terrorism. Think about it.

Westboro Baptist Church (link)

And you wonder why I'm a tad vigilant against religious fundamentalism creeping into politics. These crazies think it's a good idea to spread the righteous word that "God Hates Fags" by protesting the funerals of our fallen brothers and sisters. Apparently, since the US accepts homosexuality, God is punishing our military by killing us with IEDs. The logic is absurd and that old bag in charge of the operation, Betty Phelps, needs a boot in her face.

Maybe you can now see where I'm coming from. Feel free to add your own as I'm gonna pop in a movie right now and have a chilled out Saturday night. Viva the Moderate Revolution!


CJ said...

What sickens me about the Westboro bunch most is when the kids are there holding those signs. I've run into them twice and almost got into a fistfight with Jr. at Walter Reed. But, when I saw the little 7-year old boy holding a sign that reads "God Hates Dead Soldiers" during the Freedom Walk in DC, I about cried.

LT Nixon said...


These Westboro people are a shameless bunch. They'll protest anything that gets media attention, no matter how offensive. I think the best course of action is to ignore them until they go away. Thanks for stopping in, CJ! For those who don't know, CJ runs the highly-popular blog "A Soldier's Perspective", drop by and pay him a visit.

Bag Blog said...

The Westboro people are down right scary.

I thought most of the hippies moved to NM - one of the main reasons for moving to OK.

I did see a bumper sticker here in Scotland yesterday that said, "War is not the answer". Whatever.

LT Nixon said...

Westboro people....creepy.