29 January 2008


I understand that most people my age and younger may not have the time or energy to read these lengthy posts that run around the blogosphere. Why read what some nut in Iraq has to say when you could be suckin' down shooters with the Tau Omega guys down at O' Malley's Pub & Grill. In an effort of shameless self-promotion, I have come up with an answer to your woes. Behold, LT Nixon's first suckass attempt at video editing (check my Youtube profile as well):

Flashback to late 2007: Iranian proxies were making trouble in Iraq, Petraeus was about to give his testimony, violence was still too damn high. The video is pretty much a collection of TV clips from various media sources set to the rockin' soundtrack of Megadeth's "Holy Wars" that addresses the Iraq war. Don't tell Dave Mustaine I used his song in an unauthorized fashion, I hear that dude's an ass.

Here's one where Montel takes Fox News to task for talking about Heath Ledger, but not a peep about the people killed over here. H/T goes to One Wife's Perspective:

And finally here's Regina and McGruff telling you why you shouldn't use drugs. Hey, it worked on me when I was a kid in the 80s:

...damn embedding is disabled on this one, but check it out here.

Here's another one that is one of my faves. These unfortunate chaps were spotted launching mortars at the Belad Air Base a few months back. They were picked up by aerial reconnaissance and turned into mush.

There's also some new de-motivators up if you check on the sidebar or here. They're all pretty inappropriate and stupid, but check 'em out!


Anonymous said...

stupid and inappropriate...sounds just up my alley...

Bag Blog said...

Good music, but hard to dance to.

Good on Montel.

LT Nixon said...


You got me figured out, haha.

Bag Blog,

You can't dance to Megadeth, but you can sure rock out. Woo!

membrain said...

Great stuff LT Nixon. I've been meaning to do a video montage like you did to that cool Megadeth tune but I can't figure out how to do it.

Sigh. Us old guys and computers!

Take care.

LT Nixon said...


Yeah I had to shell out 60 bucks to register a video editor and it kind of sucks, but whatever.

Glad you have good taste in music. Megadeth rules. My buddy saw them shortly after 9/11 and Dave Mustaine dedicated Holy Wars to that fuckhead Osama. Pretty awesome.