29 January 2008

Tuesdaze Bloggin' Roundup of Iraq (29 Jan)

Well it's my sorta day off, so I'm sitting in my trailer bored senseless, which is actually a nice change of pace. Check out what these other rockin' blogs are saying about Iraq:

  • Milblogging.com references some fancy intellectual-type blog that gives it's synopsis of milbloggin'
  • SGT Grumpy talks about the ubiquitous Call to Prayer
  • A Soldier's Perspective talks about singing the National Anthem correctly for all the Roseanna Barr's out there
  • OYE offers advice on customizing your own pixelated chickenhawk
  • Adam Kokesh of IVAW talks about how great a place Iraq is for the US military (well, not really)
  • Army of Dude, who's got the skills of a modern-day Vonnegut, talks about boredom in war
  • Iraq The Purgatorium laments on how society is terrible
  • Michael Totten's new post on Fallujah is up, a good read
  • Vox Veterana's TF Boggs is getting out of the service, lucky bastard (just kiddin' Boggs!)
  • Iraq Pundit talks about the economy of Iraq
  • Michael Yon talks about the strain on our military personnel (no surprises here!)