26 January 2008

With Apologies to the Blogosphere and More Hilarity

Kraant from PFF dropped me a comment to swing by the site and explain myself since I had some disagreements with a poster there over a month ago. Kraant seemed like good people, so perhaps I should probably avoid getting into fisticuffs with anyone since I don't want to come off like some gestapo thug. PFF is truly great though, as pretty much nothing is sacred there. So my apologies to the big wide blogosphere if I've ever come off like a jackass. I understand that I am a public servant, and I will conduct myself more accordingly, maybe. On the same note, I do like looking for controversy out around the blogosphere and I do welcome anyone to attack me on this blog (I will respectfully respond, promise).

On the same token of looking for the action, seems that the guys over at The Sniper have started a hilarious blog war with a guy named Kent, a self-applied "hooligan" Libertarian who's also a write-in for the President of the Grand Ole USA. Kent doesn't like the military much, and neither do many of the other guys posting comments on his blog (here's one self-applied Athiest Libertarian who has a mustang for his blog picture for some strange reason). I checked out Kent's Myspace page and he cited his interests as: Liberty, Primitive wilderness survival skills, karaoke, cryptozoology, UFOs. What CryptoZoology is, I have no clue. I'm sure Kent's a swell guy though, I just don't know what his beef is with us military types. The Sniper awarded one of the commenters the "Douchebag of the Day", and apparently, he wasn't too keen on that.

Fair enough. I may very well be a douchebag, but I’m entitled to it. I don’t kill or help kill people for a living. Do I feel superior to the militarists, even arrogantly so? You bet your ass. If that makes me a douchebag then I’m proud of it.

Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Always nice to have a cure for the workin' on the weekend blues. Even though I shouldn't be taking part in the shenanigans.

God Bless the Weird World of the Internet


Bag Blog said...

I've waded into a few fights with some sense of fear and another odd sense of anticipation. I love the internet.

Francois Tremblay said...

Thanks for the hits, faggot.

LT Nixon said...


Always a pleasure, thanks for swinging by!