04 February 2008

Code Pink On the Loose in Berkeley

If there's one thing that's been generating a fury of outrage, it's Code Pink protesting the Marine recruiting station down at Bezerkely. Seeing how their public shenanigans haven't changed any policies over in DC, they've now resorted to attacking the humble public servants entrusted to carry out those policies. I have a lot of respect for the Marine Corps. Sure they are a little to "Oooorah" for my cynical self, but I'm glad we have Marines watching our backsides round the world. Here's a picture illustrating Code Pink's stupidity (thanks to Little Green Footballs and Zombietime for braving the stench of hippie):

This is heinous. Vox Vetarana suggests imposing Sharia Law in Berkeley to see how they like it. Michelle Malkin points out their ridiculous hypocrisy in that they equate "Standing up" against the Marines being analogous to "Standing up" against Hitler. A Soldier's Perspective provides a way to show your support for the Marine Corps out in nutty NorCal. I wonder if the best policy to deal with them is the same way to handle the Westboro Baptist Church, just ignore them until they go away. Maybe then they will wake up from their drug-induced coma and realize it's not the "Summer of Love" anymore.


madtom said...

It's a shame that the stupidity of this administration handed them that much ammunition. If Bush would have been operating on the battlefield, he would have been hanged for treason.

LT Nixon said...

Yeah, Bush, it'll take years to repair some of the damage he has done. The road to recovery begins...today!

funsize said...

Hey LT;

Thanks for the comment over on my knitting site, I was flattered that you checked it out! the reason I commented on this post is because I live in berkeley and I covered some of this craziness over at californiapatriot.org/blog last week. Funny coincidence huh? Knitting soldiers aren't that rare, I know of a guy who made a scarf from his 550 cord!


LT Nixon said...


Right on, I'll have to go check out the post. Thanks for the assist! Come back often.