04 February 2008

HuffPo: Where Celebrity Gossip Begets Terrible Political Commentary

In reality, I actually like some of the stuff at the Huffington Post, even though I'm no liberal. Paul Rieckhoff and Jon Soltz both write there from time to time and I try to keep up with their stuff, since they have some good things to say regarding veterans' issues. But I am always really leery of the C-list celebrities who decide to step away from their trendy fashion boutiques on Melrose Ave. to foray into the bloggin' of politics. First it's necessary for them to create this culture of celebrity-worship, so that the average joe in the blogosphere will listen to whatever drivel they have to say. Blogger Steven Weber at HuffPo explains (he was on NBC's "Studio 60", and stupid me without his headshot to sign!):

Fame is now an end justifying any means necessary. Because if the public is gonna use and the companies pushing the glittering hallucinogens are way too profitable to be in any way responsible, then celebrities should have mandatory labels delineating their nutrition and possible side effects, how they should be handled and what the minimum age should be for their consumption. And before taking on the burden of celebrity themselves, the young, the talented, the handsome, the beautiful and the just plain ambitious should know whether it's better to burn out than to fade away.

Ironically, while Mr. Weber discusses the ills of fame, he emphasizes the fact that everyone wants to be young and beautiful and just like the folks in Hollywood. What an ass. In this guy's mind, everything would be alright if we had the same viewpoint as him because he's some "enlightened" celebrity. These people don't know anything about current events and politics unless it's written on the back of some babe's ass they were sniffing coke off of.

This culture of celebrity worship harnesses an environment conducive to allowing imbeciles and uninformed loudmouths like Roseanne Barr to blog. I'm not standing on high ground here, and I'm pretty sure this blog ain't winning any journalism awards, but check this crap out:

How will Obama handle his Jewish problem? He has to pander to the pro Zionist Jews of America and at the same time talk about dismantling support for Israel in order to appeal to his "progressive" followers. How he handles this one is very telling about his "judgment". He just refused to condemn Israel for ghettoizing the Palestinians. Who is he really?

This is atrocious. It's not even grammatically correct, I don't even know what the hell Roseanne is talking about (presidential candidate Senator Obama...uh...I guess), and it reads like a MySpace blog from the 12-year old offspring of some white supremacist kook. But of course who gets the most comments and attention, not Jon and Paul, but rather these washed-up celebrities who don't even understand their own political agenda. And this blog is ranked #3 by Technorati! Can these people just stick to acting, please.

Some people just need to be ignored


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