17 February 2008

Iran Experiencing Technical Difficulties

There's been a lot of talk about an Iranian delegation coming to Baghdad to hold trilateral security talks with Iraq and the U.S. Too bad Iran hasn't gotten their act together yet. From WaPo:

"These negotiations have been postponed, not canceled," said a diplomat at the Iranian Embassy in Baghdad
. "We believe these negotiations should continue, but we postponed them for technical problems."

I'm guessing they are having a hard time explaining why EFPs keep finding their way into Iraq. According to the Embassy folks, these talks will be significant as Iran and Iraq are going to have to play nice with each other lest the region get even worse. These talks have been in the works for months and it's sounding more and more like the excuses I hear when I try to set up a hot date for "Zombie movie night" at my place back in WA:

Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said Iranian officials did not provide a reason for the postponement."The Iranians just told us that they are not coming on Friday," Dabbagh said. "We've been informed that it is a matter of a few more days."


For some not-so-good news, Pakistan had another suicide bombing as their elections draw near, and Afghanistan had a real bad one too. Bad juju.

Iran is having some issues


Bag Blog said...

Have you ever read James Clavell's "Whirlwind"? After reading it years ago, I got the feeling that Iran was just crazy and no one knows who is really running things.

LT Nixon said...

Ms. Bag Blog,

I have not, and I have no idea the inner workings of a theocracy. It must be a strange place.