22 February 2008

Sadr Ceasefire Extended and Turkish Incursion

Two very important news items (no it doesn't have to do with Obama sneezing) that beg your attention. The Sadr Ceasefire has been extended for another 6 months in Iraq, and Turkey has launched a ground invasion of ~10K troops into the Kurdish provinces in northern Iraq. Read what I wrote at VetVoice...both very big news items.


gage said...

The news in the north, I'm sure, really isn't a surprise to anyone who's been keeping up. I know from my reading that the hatred between the Kurds and the Turks goes all the way back to the days of the Ottoman Empire. (And it was one of the points in arguing against invading Iraq, if you'll recall.) I also understand that it's a really, really touchy situation for us because we need both the Turks and the Kurds. It'd be nice if the administration had at least understood the level of diplomacy that was going to be needed to pull this thing off BEFORE we invaded.

But, for me, the good news is really good. I think I'm just gonna bask in that for a while. Damn, I'm tired of Iraq!

Jackie said...

I just posted on that news item myself. I really, really didn't expect him to issue an extension on the ceasefire.

LT Nixon said...


We certainly need both the Turks and the Kurds and it's incredibly touchy as you mentioned. I'm glad I'm not in the State Dept.


Yeah it's good news, especially down south where you are at.

gage said...

PS, LT -- Thoughtless remark from me.
When I say I'm tired of Iraq, I mean it in the rhetorical way. I know I can't be anywhere near as tired of Iraq as you people who are there. No dis intended.

LT Nixon said...


No need to be politically correct here, you're in the moral authority free zone!

Grung_e_Gene said...

I'm sure you know this is merely the next sortie in a large standing conflict. Of course the State department has no idea what to do because, if we support our longstanding Ally the Turkish Government we are not supporting "Freedom" and "Nationhood" for the Kurds. Freedom being one of the stated buzzwords of the Bush Regime.

Whereas, if we support self-determination for the Kurds, we're going to have a big regional war which will draw the Turks, Iranians and the rest of Iraq into a Regional War.

Yikes. Stay safe, sir.

LT Nixon said...


You forgot about Syria, they'd probably get involved too, yikes indeed!