21 February 2008

Important and Un-Important News

Important: Decision on Sadr ceasefire to be read tommorow at Friday prayers. Whatever the verdict, it will have a huge impact on security in Iraq.
Unimportant: Lame sex scandals about DC politicians (in this case McCain and some lobbyist) that make me vomit in my mouth. Why do aging boomers think we want to hear about their sex lives? How self-important can you get? Blegh!


Anonymous said...

Well, if you don't want to see old people in pants -- try the "leaked" Gene Simmons video. Ewwwww.

LT Nixon said...

Disgusting, blegh!

Katana said...

ugh, why is it never two good looking people having affairs and shit? Always gotta be the icky ones... then again good looking ppl having sex isnt a huge deal. Old, saggy-balls are people we just don't wanna think about them having sex.

LT Nixon said...


You must remember that DC politics is "Hollywood for Ugly People", which means I would qualify. I like your use of the word "Saggy Balls", very foul, I like that, are you sure you're not in the Navy?