16 February 2008

So Much for Retiring in Cuba

I once heard Rush Limbaugh proclaim Guantanomo Bay (aka Gitmo) a tropical paradise for terrorists. Well I have no idea what it's like for the terrorists locked up, but I just got word from a fellow disgruntled Navy buddy who got his ass IA'd there recently. The dispatch reads:

I’m in cuba. I live in a tent. I shit in a latrine and shower with 20 other dudes. I work with a bunch of haircuts. It’s 8 am and I’m sweating profusely. They’ve banned alcohol for the first month I’m here. I guess at least there are no mortars, but there are banana rats.

Lucky bastard, he gets to booze it up after a month! And I'm sitting here sober like some Puritan. I have no idea what he's doing at Gitmo. Probably the same sort of thing I'm doing in Iraq, staff weenie work. You gotta love the Navy IA experience. Anchors Aweigh!