01 March 2008

Who says a War Zone can't be mildly entertaining

Ron Burgundy is a sure fire way to pimp out any humvee and get the ladies.

These jokers may have never been to Iraq, but I have to agree...5 years and billions of dollars later, it is probably the best war ever.

If you don't know what BOHICA is an acronymn for, think about repeatedly dropping the soap in the shower while doing time in prison.

The Sadr City Pub Crawl shirt is a coveted item, but I have been unsuccesful in locating one. Some Spring Break Baghdad '08 shirts may be in order. What do you think?


Grung_e_Gene said...

Best War Ever!!!

Good book.

LT Nixon said...


Thanks for the link. I always liked reading this strip in the Seattle Stranger.

Katana said...

very cute. You know you can get those shirts made... maybe make some moneyz off of it.

LT Nixon said...

No money to be made here, Ms. Katana, only the self-satisfaction of remembering a kick-ass spring break in Iraq. Woohoo!