23 March 2008

Gen. Barry McCaffery as Nostradamus

General (ret.) McCaffery has a list of predictions for the world up on the Washington Post. I admit to being a little skeptical, since he was the Drug Czar during the Clinton-era "Drug War", which contributed to the destruction of our inner-cities, jailed thousands for victimless crimes, and created an inflated market for narco-terrorists worldwide. But he has had some pretty insightful things to say about Iraq that has been devoid of the cheesy and intellectually lazy punditry you often see these days. Go check out his predictions for the world...right here (thanks to Small Wars Journal).

Hopefully the General predicts a regain in popularity of the V-Guitar


Tin Ma'am said...

ever played guitar hero?

LT Nixon said...

"Guitar hero"? Is that what the kids play these days. Man, I feel old.

Wek said...

I never understood why Gen. McCaffery was the drug czar? It seemed like an awkard position for him. I suppose it was more B. Clinton triangulation to appease the Republicans as being "tough" on drugs.

These were some straight talkin' predictions by The General. Unfortunately I agree with him on more of the negative aspects he brought to light than I did his positive predictions.

Guitar Hero?? Bah!! The best thing about that game is it's introduced the youth to the finer metal bands (Slayer, Anthrax, et cetera) Speaking of "V gee-tars" -- I went to the music store yesterday and gave a Dean V a string stretching workout. What a great axe.

LT Nixon said...


Yeah I'm a lot more pessimistic about the economic part where he said the "US will continue to have a world-class economy" or whatever. I'm guessing it's going to get worse before it ever gets better in that regards.

Haha, sounds like I have to play this game now. It probably beats karokeing to Belinda Carlisle (always a good choice). Kickass on the V. Speaking of V-Guitars, do you ever remember the legendary review by the mysterious Arbit Adams of a book on V-guitars? That shit is hilarious. But the tyrants at Amazon took it down many years ago.

Tin Ma'am said...

Lol, yes, you aint cool until you play the Wii, apparently.

The times, the times. :-D