23 March 2008

Iraq News (23 March)

The Good: Anbar Province sounds pretty boring for the Marines. Compared to the rampant violence that once took place in Ramadi and Fallujah, I'd wager that it is a good thing. More here on the decline of jihadist propaganda coming out of Iraq.

The Bad: The Green Zone took some rounds today, and it's all over the news wires (you know how the media loves that violence). Maybe the enemy is trying to take out the Easter bunny, who knows. There is some controversy about the US killing 6 Sunni Sahwa members near Samarra. An investigation is underway. An IED killed three soldiers north of Baghdad.

The Ugly: Iraq is costing 5 Grand per second according to this NY Times Op-Ed. That's like 5 trips to the champagne room in Vegas. Not exactly a bargain, I'll concede that. But expect the media to further exasperate the pisspoor economy to Iraq connection to sway voting patterns (not that it isn't justified).

According to Iranian news and judging by the graphic, the Green Zone got hit with 25 ICBMs


Desert Sailor said...

Stay safe out there dude. Reuters is saying the IZ is taking more heat than "normal".

LT Nixon said...

Yeah, just one of those days at the office. ahha, thanks for looking out.