14 March 2008

Iraq News (14 March)

The Good: A Sadr spokesman has urged the thugs wreaking havoc in Kut to calm the hell down. Operations by our military and the Iraqis have been targeting these goons for the last couple of days. Interesting read about the life of a refugee in the LA Times, who came back to Baghdad from Egypt due to the decline in violence. Very inspiring.

The Bad: The Chaldean Archbishop Rahho has been found dead near Mosul after being kidnapped in late February. The Pope is deeply saddened by this ruthless brutality, obviously. Another car bomb went off in Baghdad and the AP has put the death toll at 18.

The Ugly: The progress of the Government of Iraq isn't exactly knocking the socks off of General Petraeus. Lackluster initiatives on national reconciliation and inadequately providing basic services to the citizens have been hampering the purposes of the surge. And, as Condoleeza Rice has stated, we should probably have had better plans for reconstruction when this invasion happened back in 2003.

Portrait of the bullshit Al-Qaeda caliphate


Anonymous said...

As for the Archbishop's death -- once again, I'm just wondering outloud -- these were people violent enough to kill the Bishop's
driver and two guards during this kidnaping of a man everyone evidently knew was in poor health. Aren't they scum??

But then when he dies (possibly even of natural causes) they bury him and call the church and let the church know where the grave is. How odd -- or the abductors actually felt bad about his death -- nah, no way.

LT Nixon said...

Check Long War Journal...Archbishop passed away from "natural causes". Although, I'm sure being kidnapped by armed thugs would be a very stressful thing for a man of his age. Iraqi TV had a lot of footage from his funeral today...very sad.