16 March 2008

Iraq News (16 March)

The Good: The reluctant United Nations has actually (*gasp*) said something good about the situation in Iraq. Staffan de Mistura stated that the sectarian violence has declined. If the UN had paid more attention to actual violence in Iraq instead of the latest isolated incident that they could zing the US military with, they would've realized that sectarian violence has been declining since June 2007 due to the coalition and Iraqi security forces working hard. Also, I'm not a big supporter of the guy, but Senator McCain is in town (note: CBS pic has the wrong flag in the background on the pic). The Iraqis are taking considerable notice in our Presidential primaries, so this will show some good will that we are interested in Iraq and not just Spitzer's love child, whatsherface.

The Bad: A US soldier was shot and killed in Baghdad. The Pope has pleaded for end to the violence in Iraq after Archbishop Rahho was found dead outside Mosul. The Kurds commemorated one of the greatest atrocities in Iraq's history, the gassing of Kurds by Saddam and his thugs in Halabja 20 years ago. Apparently, oil money is being extorted by insurgents and terrorists from Beyji oil refinery in northern Iraq to fund extremist activity. The New York Times has an in-depth read that is well worth your time.

The Ugly: The AP ran an article on where the notorious "Foreign Fighters" are coming from and what their motivation entails. In general, it's pissed-off young men who get swindled into the promise of "the glory of Jihad". Usually it involves killing other Muslims in a suicide attack in Iraq, which is nothing else except brutal, disturbing, and an abomination. The Iraq war continues 5 years later. What does it mean to you?

I'm gonna try and catch a glimpse of the hot young staffers (female only)!