15 March 2008

Sunshine Patriots and Winter Soldiers

Winter Soldier II (pic swiped from Ms. Robin)

The IVAW-sponsored Winter Soldier II is ongoing right now and you can catch some of the liveblogging action from TSO at the Sniper. Initially, there was much criticism as prelude to this event, since false embellishments of war crimes make for easy propaganda that our terrorist enemies can employ (to her credit, Active Duty Patriot took strides to ensure that there was no Jesse Macbeths, and opened the testimony to conservative-flavored bloggers). There's also the concern of domestic exploitation due to the fact that IVAW has taken to the streets with various Marxist organizations that still think it's the "Summer of Love". You know the type. Old blue-hairs donning berets and talking about the horrible capital-imperialist oppressors and passing out poorly written literature heavy on exclaimation points but lousy on content. All of these associations left me with an extreme sense of skepticism.

Following along with TSO's dispatches, it seems that there is some graphic depictions, but not much that would constitute an embellishment of a "war crime". The testifiers actually seemed to be proud that they served. Most of the nastiness that happened to these young men and women seem like the normal incidents that would occur during the course of warfare. Iraq appears to be unique, since soldiers describe the enemy disappearing like ghosts into the streets, while trying to perform diplomatic/humanitarian missions under dire circumstances. Frankly, I'm not surprised that a group of people returning from Iraq would get together and publicly display the anger and frustration that they harbor. I disagree with the way they are conducting this, since it seems they are vying for media attention and collaborating with those that are to the left of Noam Chomsky...but I think it makes a statement that shatters the illusion of the glory of war. Perhaps politicians will be more hesitant to recklessly send young men and women into perilous situations without understanding the consequences.

The Glory of Trench Warfare in WWI


Tin Ma'am said...

It's even less glorious when you force them to fight a war with one hand tied behind their back.

Marine Mom Out There said...

Thank you for inviting input.

You seem almost surprised that the testifiers on the panel would be a)proud of their service b)concerned about their brothers in arms.

I have followed your posts on Vetvoices now for awhile specifically because I wanted a view of the other side of the fence from someone who didn't sound like a nut. (said that with a smile)

I'm sure you are relieved to know you come across as reasonably sane.

Here's the point...its easy to get blinded by the outside trappings. You are uncomfortable and skeptical of the event because of what organizations you feel IVAW has allied themselves with that are wacked.

I can say the same about your viewpoint.

Here are a couple of posts about an attack on a Gold Star Father last fall from GOE people.



To stave off any spamming on my blog--I've met many of the individuals involved who gave the accounts, as well as the Arrendedos(still can't spell his name) and faced more than a few pissed off individuals across the protest line myself. I have no reason to believe the accounts aren't accurate or are misrepresented.

Back to the point-reading your reaction to WSII, it struck me you are so habituated to your reaction to the organizers that you aren't asking some of the more serious questions.

If what they say is an accurrate representation of their experience (from their own viewpoint of course), and they aren't doing it for attention, or money, what does that mean in terms of the effectiveness of the war effort? How does their experience fit into the overall picture of winning hearts and minds? What does it say about the larger misson of protecting Americans at home?

I enjoy both you and TSO's comments and observations, but they strike me as often limited by your own viewpoints to the point of missing crucial information.

Somewhat along the lines of all Iraqis are AlQueda, all anti-war or activists are commie pinko cowardly leftist etc. I wouldn't even know politically what all those terms signify.

I don't want to rant so I will stop with that. I appreciate the discussion.

And as a disclaimer, I am a member of IVAW, but am not at the hearing. I'm at home in my jammies trying to pry myself away from my computer and get some work done today. vkfletch

Sean from DocintheBox said...

Glory in war is an idealistic notion made by people who haven't been here. After 2 years in country, the only glory I see is my most excellent coffee mess!

LT Nixon said...


Good Call! If I didn't have coffee and smokes I would have hung myself months ago.

Marine Momma,

I didn't know you were a Mom, you get special admiration and respect in my book. Anyways, allow me to address some of your comments. I know about the Gathering of Eagles and sometimes, I agree, they go a little overboard. I concede that I am more apt to attack far-left groups rather than far-right groups. I think the IVAW testimony was interesting, and they certainly dispel the images of war as glorious. So good on them. My beef with IVAW is their alliance with the far-leftist groups you mentioned. I am not opposed to people speaking their mind if they are anti-war, and I'm more opposed to unabashed ideology and demagogery as opposed to rational discourse on anything. On that note, I absolutely despise the "war resisters" movement which IVAW has on their website. This is not a political statement, this is an anti-military statement. Encouraging troops to go AWOL undermines the overall integrity of the military. Also, protesting recruiting stations and making their jobs more difficult is anti-military in my mind. I will never support those actions. Thanks for dropping in. Haha, glad you think I'm "sane". That means a lot coming from a mother.