06 March 2008

Media Curmodgeon Slams Bloggers

Dan Thomasson has scribbled an Op-Ed entitled "New Media Can Destroy the Noblest Press Practices". The article lambastes the outing of Prince Harry soldiering in Afghanistan by criticizing, not just blabbermouth Drudge, but the entire blogosphere. He utilizes this one event to lump us bloggin' types into one big hodgepodge of Star Trek fan fiction writing miscreants:

...Pajama-wearing typists who never leave their own kitchens and turn raw, unvetted, unsubstantiated material into snippets of inside dope that travel the world at lightning speed...

This degradation cannot conceal the facts behind blogging rising to such prominence and influence. It was because of the lack of unbiased and accurate coverage of world events (such as the Iraq war), while there was a surplus of idiotic celebrity gossip concerning who was going to rehab this week. Thomasson goes on to state that bloggers have no ethics or standards:

...more and more we are being left at the mercy of those whose Web sites are unencumbered by any ethical or legal considerations or oversight. With no one to answer to, the damage they can cause to individuals and institutions and even to democracy can be substantial.

To state that bloggers were not quick to condemn Drudge putting National Security at risk would be erroneous. Blogs from a variety of interests and genres slammed Drudge for blabbing to include: Small Wars Journal, Vetvoice, Crooks and Liars, Democracy Arsenal, Hot Air, and the nice gals over at USO Girls. This shows the ability to "self-regulate" an unpoliced medium of information. I'm not gonna get all high and mighty and say that milblogs and blogs are all about the professional journalism you'd get from a graduate degree, but they do provide interesting insight and are an effective tool in keeping the increasingly conglomerated media from brainwashing the general public. And he accuses blogging of subverting democracy even though it's an effective way for the average schmoe to have his voice heard? Get with times, man.

Mr. Dan Thomasson: Notable Grouch


Cannoneer No. 4 said...

I was wondering who that guy was. Just another Person Of No Tactical Significance who had remained under my radar.

LT Nixon said...

Yeah, the dude is obviously a rube. I first read the editorial in Stars and Stripes.