06 March 2008

Breaking: Blast Hits Times Square Recruiting Station!

Usually I'm not in the business of speculation, but there has been an explosion on a recruiting station in Times Square. CNN has the story here. Will fill you all in with angry commentary at whoever/whatever did this (terrorists, hippies, hermit wackos, pisspoor infrastructure, etc.) when the facts become clear. This is bullshit no matter what the cause was. Argh!

Update: I just watched the Mayor Bloomberg press conference on CNN. He made it abundantly clear that NYC is a big fan of the military. I was last there in 2003, and he's not joking. Me and my buddies with equally bad haircuts couldn't go anywhere and not get bought free drinks. You used to be able to ride the subway for free if you had a military ID, but I'm not sure if that's still the case. This is really a shame for a military-friendly metropolis like NYC. The Mayor and Police Chief mentioned that it was a guy on a bike and a hoodie. That doesn't narrow things down, but hopefully some tips will come in.

David M over at Thunder Run has a pretty good post up about the whole event and that it's most likely concocted by left-wing kooks. Islamic Terrorists like to blow stuff up during the day, so I'm inclined to believe him, but I'm not pointing any fingers just yet. Whoever it is, they will be targeted, because, once again, this is fuckin' bullshit. Of course, many Kossacks are already turning this into some sort of "Woe is I" issue about how they are going to be unfairly blamed by meanie bloggers, and one commenter seems to think it's all a big right-wing conspiracy. I'm not a complete imbecile and I recognize the difference between non-violent speech and debate as opposed to political violence (Iraq is rife with this sort of thing). But here's an idea fellers, instead of putting yourself up on the cross, why don't you condemn this type of extremist bullshit like everyone else. Just a thought.

Update II: I wrote some more on this at VetVoice.


gage said...

LT, just reminding you, young man, that second only to 9/11, the most hard-hitting terror strike to take place inside the U.S. was the work of a rightwing extremist -- Timothy McVeigh.

Just sayin.

LT Nixon said...

There's a pattern of violence and intimidation at recruiting stations, but Timothy McVeigh was one nut over 10 years ago.

gage said...

Understood. But the reason I mention McVeigh is because of the presumption that any domestic terrorism that happens in the States is just bound to be the work of some leftist group. It ain't necessarily so. In this case, it probably is, I'll admit. I just don't want there to be a McCarthy style round-up of every leftwing organization as a result of something like this, because the majority of those organizations, like MoveOn, are comprised of decent folk. The media, however, always portrays them as extremist nutjobs -- in which case, that's an awful lot of nutjobs as they have over three million members. Get my point.

As for McVeigh... He was as you say "one nutjob" but he didn't act alone. He came from a brood of nutjobs. If you'll remember, in the investigation it was discovered that McVeigh had been associated with a number of survivalists groups. Those people are still out there and as far as you or I know, they still have a propensity for violence.

Anyway, not arguing that the attacks on recruiters is the work of rightwing extremists, but, for what it's worth, just reminding you that extremism on either end can lead to this sort of shit.

Peace. Be safe.